Notice of Animal Violation12/30/2009



TO:     ____________________________                            FROM: Town of Remington


            ____________________________                            SUBJECT:     Dog Violation


            YOU ARE NOTIFIED the Town of Remington received a complaint about your dog. You are informed I.C. 15-20-1-4 provides it is a criminal offense if a dog owner does not restrain a dog, the dog enters property other than the owner's property and the dog bites or attacks another person. Also, you are advised I.C. 35-46-3-1 provides it is a criminal offense for a dog owner to harbor a non-immunized dog. Finally, I.C. 15-17-18-8 provides it is a criminal offense if a dog owner fails to restrain a dog.  

            You are further advised that in addition to the criminal statutes, previously cited, Indiana recognizes civil liability for dog bites. A dog owner is strictly liable if a dog bites a person authorized to be on the owner's property by the Laws of the State of Indiana, Federal Laws or the United States Postal Regulations. The dog owner is strictly liable without regard to the dog owner's knowledge about the dog's propensities or characteristics. The Statute applies to dog owners whose dogs bite or attack state, federal, or city employees who are lawfully on your property in furtherance of their official duties. A dog owner can be liable for damages to another individual if the dog owners dog has known vicious tendencies and the dog owner does not take appropriate steps to restrain the animal. 

            You are hereby notified that any future verified violations will be referred to the Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney for prosecution. You are encouraged to take all appropriate steps to reasonably restrain your dog.  

                                                                                    Remington Town Marshal


Dated: ____________________                    by: ______________________________________ 


            I hereby certify that I delivered a copy of this Notice to the dog owner identified above at the address stated above on this _________ day of ___________________________, 20_____.




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