Remington Town Council, April 4 20165/9/2016

Remington Town Council Meeting



Date:   April 4, 2016

Time:  6:45 p.m.

Place:  Remington Town Hall, 24 South Indiana St.


Members Present


Susan Sigo, Pat Berger, Jim Stewart, Charles Illingworth, Bob Braaksma


Others Present


Mark Jones, John Schuetzenhofer, Athena Dickinson, Jonathan Cripe, Jacob Taulman, Ryan Byrd, Luke Neidlinger, Barb Lawson, Sara DeYoung, Linda Sanders, Chris Allen, Doug McGill, Mathew and Doug Williams, Diane Braaksma, Bob and Connie Dowell


Susan Sigo asked for motion to approve minutes for the March 7, 2016 meeting.  Jim Stewart made motion to approve minutes, Pat Berger second his motion. Motion carried.




Chris Allen wanted to give special thanks to Mark Jones for finding a water leak in his house.




Jonathan Cripe presented the following:


1)      More and more people are putting yard waste out for the town to pick up. With the town down a man it is taking Luke several hours to try and keep up with the route. Jonathan suggested that we start having people put yard waste in biodegradable bags. Pat Berger suggested that reusable containers would be okay too. Jim Stewart made motion to accept the usage for biodegradable bags or reusable container for yard waste. Pat Berger seconding his motion. Motion carried.

2)      Jonathan suggested hiring a part-time employee to help out Luke for the streets, no more than 28 hours a week at $12.50 per hour. This person could turn into full-time when John Flinn retires in September. For the time being he would be considered a General Laborer. Pat Berger made motion in allowing part-time person for streets with Bob Braaksma seconding her motion. Motion carried.

3)      Going to start framing the park shelter for the Splash Pad. This should be up and running for Memorial Day.

4)      Presented some adjustments that he was wanting to do on the Handbook with the 10 year anniversary and vacation as well as park comp time.




Attorney Jacob Taulman presented a real estate easement agreement with Ronald and Marjean Hathaway. Charles Illingworth made motion to accept the easement agreement, Jim Stewart seconding his motion. Motion carried.


Jacob stated he is just working on the depot and some other issues but that is all.





Ryan Byrd reported the following:

1)      Doing some spring cleaning


Mark Jones reported the following:

1)      Pre-construction meeting for WTP went well. Driveway for site is in and power will be there next week.

2)      Going over the Splash Pad after winterizing to make sure no issues.

3)      Enrolled in some classes for water license.


Luke Neidlinger reported the following:


1)      Chipper up and working well.

2)      Fixed sign on Maine St

3)      Accu Dig helped with sink hole

4)      Cleaned storm drain behind the bowling alley.

5)      Gravel in storm drain by Pallet factory and needs cleaned out.



John Schuetzenhofer gave a police report. A copy of this report in on file in the Clerk-Treasurer's office.


John Schuetzenhofer stated that he and Deputy Cain helped with the county on serving warrants.


John worked on firearms with Scott Wealing.


Jim Stewart asked if signs could be put on Maine St just north and south of the tracks that say 25 "strictly enforced". Ryan said that should be no problem, they have extras.


John said he found a radar speed sign for $2500. Maybe look into purchasing one with next year's budget.



Mike Martin stated they have been in lots of training and all 18 volunteers are certified.




Susan Sigo presented a letter from Commissioner Culp in regards to money we will be receiving sometime in June. Remington will be receiving $220,588 for the LRS from the Jasper County's local option income tax. The letter states that at least 75% of this need to be on local road and street projects.


Jim Stewart question in regards to what we are going to with the depot. Council stated that they would do a special meeting for this on Thursday April 21 @ 6:30 p.m.




Jonathan Cripe stated that he has been starting the process again for the trails. Application need to be in the first part of May. In September will when we find out if we have been awarded the grant. Remington has been awarded $5500 for the building of the trails from the Jasper Foundation, any other expense will be paid out of TIF.




Clerk-Treasurer, Athena Dickinson presented February's Financial Statement. Bob Braaksma made motion to approve financial statement, with Jim Stewart seconding his motion. Motion carried.


Athena Dickinson stated with the hiring of a part-time employee to help with streets and such, presented Resolution 2016-04-04-01. This is allowing to transfer $2500 from line item 1-123 to 1-114 and adding that line in the General- CT to help pay employee. Jim Stewart made motion to accept Resolution 2016-04-04-01, Bob Braaksma seconding. Motion carried.


Athena Dickinson then presented an amendment to the salary ordinance of 2016. With this amendment it showed the General Laborer and break down of how he will be paid. Pat Berger made motion to salary ordinance for new employee. Charles Illingworth seconding her motion. Motion carried.


Claims were approved for payment on a motion by Jim Stewart, Charles Illingworth seconding his motion. Motion carried.




Sara DeYoung with the RWCEC gave an update on the medical building they are still working on getting for the community.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

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