Remington Town Council, May 4 20166/16/2016

Remington Town Council Meeting



Date:   May 4, 2016

Time:  6:45 p.m.

Place:  Remington Town Hall, 24 South Indiana St.


Members Present


Susan Sigo, Jim Stewart, Charles Illingworth


Others Present


Mark Jones, Athena Dickinson, Jonathan Cripe, Jacob Taulman, Ryan Byrd, Luke Neidlinger, Barb Lawson, Sara DeYoung, Braden Clark, Jake Tapper, Abby Bahler, Kevin Kelly, Joe Nesius, Kendell Culp


Susan Sigo opened the meeting with Pledge of Allegiance.


Motion for minutes on the Public Hearing (April 4) for the new water rates was made by Jim Stewart. Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried. Minutes for the Town Council meeting (April 4) was put in motion by James Stewart, second by Charles Illingworth. Motion carried.




Abby Bahler with the Festival committee asked the board for their continuous support on sound, stage and advertising for the Water Town Days Festival. She stated that this year the total will be $3900 (stage - $2000, sound - $1500 and advertising - $400). Charles Illingworth made motion to allow the town to support the festival in the amount of $3900 for stated costs. Jim Stewart seconding his motion. Motion carried.


Kevin Kelly stated that he had a meeting with Advance Auto and they are over 500 employees. He stated that the market for more housing could be reviewed. Not much vacancy in the area for renting.  Kevin Kelly said that maybe getting with the realtors in the area and have a housing fair. Sara DeYoung did state that RWCDC help with a housing fair.


Sara DeYoung stated that the clinic looks to be opening the first part of June (unconfirmed). Anyone could apply for employment with the clinic at the Purdue University website.


Joe Nesius said that he is working on cleaning up his corner lot. He is looking at having a merial done on his building. He was looking at who he needed to get in contact with to start that process. Jonathan Cripe said that the Remington Main Street would be who he would want to contact at told Joe when their next meeting is. Kevin Kelly stated that he could also contact the Tippecanoe Art Foundation in Lafayette. Kevin said that the Tippecanoe Art Foundation would pay for an artist to design a theme also supplies.


Kendell Culp asked for help with the recycling trailer in town. He stated that no one has been working there and have noticed people are throwing their trash in the trailer. Kendal said that they are looking to hire someone to oversee it when it is open. This person would need to be there 2-3 hours every Saturday morning and would get paid $10/hour.




Jonathan Cripe presented the following:


1)      Jonathan presented a proposal from HWC in regards upgrading the streets for the Depot Park that will not exceed $2900. With this proposal HWC will complete surveys, identify rights of way, and trouble shoot any issues with space to complete project. Jim Stewart made motion to accept proposal with HWC, Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.

2)      Jonathan had another proposal from HWC in regards to the Trails. This would be a design contract for $36,300. Scope base on construction budget of $350,500. If we are awarded the grant then the contract would need revised. Jim Stewart made motion on accepting contract with HWC. Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.

3)      Jonathan gave an update on his classes.

4)      He stated that the shelter for the Splash Pad is coming along nicely and should be completed by Memorial Day weekend.




Attorney Jacob Taulman stated that he was working with Beth Warren with the county recorder's office on easements.


Jacob gave Braden Clark information that he requested at council meeting on protocol for rezoning the property that Clark's Cutting Edge purchased not long ago.


Jacob also stated that he was almost finished with the lease agreement for the Fire Station land.





Ryan Byrd reported the following:

1)      Doing testing out at the plant.

2)      Laid gravel around the tanks.

3)      Still working on the antennas.


Mark Jones reported the following:

1)      Putting in a tap out at Napa.

2)      Consumer report is done and hope to get those sent out soon.

3)      Water Treatment Plant has started and everything looks good.

4)      Water loss assessment report that he does every year the state is asking for more in-depth details. Mark has done half of the research already and not good enough. Wessler has offered to help with report and because he has done so much already, to finish this report it will cost the town $2000-$3000. Jim Stewart made motion to accept Wessler proposal in helping with detailed report not exceeding $3000. Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.


Luke Neidlinger reported the following:


1)      Fogger has been recalibrated and ready for use.

2)      Luke is looking at to attend classes to be licensed to run sprayer.

3)      Sticks/yard wastes is going well with the pickup. Some citizens not knowing about the bags and having problems. Luke stated that he has mentioned bout the recycling containers they are allowed to use.

4)      Zach and Luke will be doing some repainting of lines and curbs next week. Luke is very grateful for new employee Zach Lanning.

5)      Jim Stewart asked in regard to the signs for Maine Street. Luke stated that it is on his list of things to do.

6)      Charles Illingworth stressed about the potholes on Ohio Street and when they are going to get fixed. Luke stated that they have been checking those all the time and when the holes are no longer filled with water they will be able to proceed with filling them.



John Schuetzenhofer was unable to attend meeting but gave a copies of the police report to the council prior to meeting. A copy of this report in on file in the Clerk-Treasurer's office.



Braden Clark presented fire report to the council. A copy of this report in on file in the Clerk-Treasurer's office. Braden stated they have had a slow month. Water Tower Day Festival coming soon the fire department will be doing the water ball contest on Friday after the ceremony and pork chop dinner on Saturday.





None to discuss




Athena Dickinson presented Ordinance no 2016-05-04-01. With this ordinance Jonathan Cripe has changed a couple of things in the Remington Policy and Procedure Manual. Jonathan stated that he had clarified some language in regard to 10 year anniversary vacation and comp time for park. Jim Stewart made motion to accept Ordinance 2016-05-04-01 for the new changes. Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.




Clerk-Treasurer, Athena Dickinson presented March's Financial Statement. Jim Stewart made motion to approve financial statement, with Charles Illingworth seconding his motion. Motion carried.


Athena Dickinson presented transfers that are needed for the month of March.


General - Police Department


$25.00 from 3-320 Postage/Shipping to 3-322 Training and Mileage


General - Fire Department


$28.48 from 2-240 Misc General Supply to 3-351 Water/Sewage



Claims were approved for payment on a motion by Jim Stewart, Charles Illingworth seconding his motion. Motion carried.





There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

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