Remington Town Council, June 6 20167/11/2016
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Remington Town Council Meeting 

Date: June 6, 2016
Time: 6:35 p.m.
Place: Remington Town Hall, 24 South Indiana St.

Members Present 

Susan Sigo, Jim Stewart, Charles Illingworth, Pat Berger, Bob Braaksma.

Others Present

Mark Jones, Luke Neidlinger, Mike Martin, Zach Lanning, Jonathan Cripe, Jacob Taulman, Chris Allen, John Borgers, John Schuetzenhofer, Chris Cain, Brad Cozza, Sara DeYoung, Kevin Kelly, Richard Maxwell, Barb Lawson, Nick Fiala, Tim Casey.

Susan Sigo opened the meeting with Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion for minutes on the Special Meeting (April 21) and the May 4th Council Meeting. Jim Stewart made motion to approve minutes. Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.


Brad Cozza from the Jasper County Airport updated the council with what is going on with the airport. He was happy to state that they airport installed new fuel tanks. He invited everyone for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new tanks and Fly-In Drive-In pork chop dinner afterwards.

Sara DeYoung gave an update on the clinic. Finishing up renovation of the building and it should be open in the next couple of weeks. She also stated that they have extra equipment and they are looking at having a sale. 

Sara said that she has been working with Main Street and she believes that everyone working together will accomplish great things.

Chris Allen stated that last Friday his son had fallen out of a tree and landed on his head. The family call 9-1-1 and within five minutes the ambulance arrived. He wanted to make a special thanks to all that serve on the fire, police, and ambulance departments. He stated that he prays for them all the time and for him being in the situation that he was in last Friday he appreciates all they do.

Tim Casey asked if anyone else has smelled something from time to time in the downtown area. He didn't know if it was from the pallet factory or the elevator, but every once and a while when the wind is blowing he can smell something really bad. 

Jim Stewart spoke in regards to the Maine Street issue with speeding still. Zach Lanning had stated that some people run stop signs by his house close to the school. Jim Stewart asked John Schuetzenhofer if we could get the electronic sign again and maybe look to purchase one sooner than discussed. He mentioned to John Schuetzenhofer and Chris Cain if they could start issuing more tickets then people might be more aware of their speed.


Jonathan Cripe presented the following:

1) Jonathan presented a map of the roads the festival committee need closed for the Water Tower Days. Jim Stewart made motion to allow road on map to be close Friday afternoon and Saturday for the festival. Bob Braaksma seconding his motion. Motion carried.
2) Jonathan stated that the utility office has an account, 108 S Illinois St, with a $54.50 balance that is still outstanding. They are not allowed to do a sewage lien on this because the property has been sold and not in customers name anymore. Pat Berger made motion to allow write off. Charles Illingworth seconding her motion. Motion carried.
3) Jonathan presented a quote from Wessler Engineering to do a study to help with applying for the INDOT grant. With the money the town has received for special funds INDOT is matching dollar received and Wessler is going to help with guidelines and studies that need to be done for the application. Council had discussion in regards to spending $8000 for Wessler to help and if they are not awarded that is money we could have used elsewhere. Council has decided to table the issue.
4) Jonathan stated that they have an employee that in now on medical leave of absence. With that said the town could really use Zach Lanning to be full time. Bob Braaksma made motion to have Zach full time with Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.


Attorney Jacob Taulman stated that he is still waiting for information from the railroad last week and still have not received it as of yet. He also stated that he is working with Jonathan in regards to letters for property clean up.


Mark Jones reported the following:

1) Everyone has been working on the Splash Pad to get it ready for the season.
2) Shelter for the Splash Pas is up and looks great.
3) He believes Ryan has said something about needing sludge removed.
4) Plant is working well.

Mark Jones reported the following:

1) With the help of Wessler, Kristie, and Athena the Water Loss report is completed and we will be scored on the town's progress.
2) CCR reports are done and he will be delivering those out by the end of the month. 
3) He has fixed two water leaks last month.
4) The new water plant is coming along nicely. The town should start and see progress like walls soon.
5) Mark stated that in the Splash Pad signs need to be put up. Signs for "Restroom", "No Smoking" and "Employees Only".  These are some of the issues that should be addressed.
Luke Neidlinger reported the following:

1) Has been doing a lot of mowing and spraying of weeds.
2) Has been helping Mark out.
3) Will be painting line on the road again. 
4) Bagging of yard wasted has been helpful and positive from community.
5) Patched places in the road that needed it. Had to use a compactor from Thomas Clark to help with the patching. It was presented to Luke in regards to purchasing a compactor for the future. One is for sale and this person is looking at to sell it to the town for $500. This is slightly used but still in great condition. Luke presented the council with a picture of equipment. Luke stated that this grade of compactor would sell easy for $2500-$3000. Jim Stewart made motion to purchase compactor for $500. Bob Braaksma seconding his motion. Motion carried.
John Schuetzenhofer presented police report to the council. A copy of this report is on file in the Clerk-Treasurer's office. John updated in regards to training they have been doing. John said that he has caught people riding scooters and ATV's on the trails out at the park. He mentioned of putting up signs. Jacob Taulman said that he will work on and Ordinance/Resolution to pass to prevent that and then signs can be put up and it enforced. 

Mike Martin presented fire report to the council. A copy of this report is on file in the Clerk-Treasurer's office. Mike gave an update and stated what the fire department is plaining on doing for the Water Tower Day Festival. 

Mike presented two quotes for painting the Fire Station. Susan Sigo opened the first envelope form Color Tech for $4250. Color Tech didn't have any detail breakdown for charges. Susan opened the second envelope from AAA Painting Services for $5475. AAA Painting did have a detail breakdown of charges. They also stated that if the town needed caulking done it would be an additional $75 per tube used. Council discussed the charges and decided to table the decision until the Service Building meeting on July 11.

Kevin Kelly gave an update that a Chinese diecast business was looking to moving into the area. They have placed several brochures out in the community and looking for feedback, so far what they have received has been positive. Gave a big thanks out to Kristie Taulman for putting them out so quickly and easy access for the public.


None to discuss


Susan Sigo stated that Clerk Treasurer Athena Dickinson has notified the council of her resignation. Susan explained the protocol for finding a new Clerk Treasurer to replace Athena. Susan went on to state that they are going to be contacting the SBOA in regards to getting the town an audit soon. She said that with Athena gone there are resources that the new Clerk has access to that will help out.

Susan Sigo went over the applications for abatement; Remington Seeds and Industrial Pallet. Pat Berger made motion to accept abatement applications. Bob Braaksma seconding her motion. Motion carried.

Susan Sigo presented nomination to put Brian Melchi on the Plan Commission lieu of Bert Tyler. Jim Stewart made motion to accept nomination with Charles Illingworth seconding his motion. Motion carried.

Susan Sigo presented a SWAT training class for Chris Cain that starts this week. She wants to send him to that. Jim Stewart made motion to send Chris Cain to SWAT training. Bob Braaksma seconding his motion. Motion carried.

Athena Dickinson stated that Jonathan Cripe wanted the hydrant fee assessed. They had one person that has been paying their water bill but has yet to pay for the hydrant rental for November. Charles Illingworth stated that this person just paid it today. Athena stated that if it could be looked into what actions we are able to take for next time this happens. Jacob Taulman stated that you can only do liens for certain things. Jacob is going to look into what the town can do for the future.


Clerk-Treasurer, Athena Dickinson presented April's Financial Statement. Jim Stewart made motion to approve financial statement, with Pat Berger seconding his motion. Motion carried.

Athena Dickinson presented transfer for June. Jim Stewart made motion to allow transfer. Bob Braaksma seconding his motion. Motion carried.

General - TM 

$300.00 from 3-360 Repair/Maintenance service to 3-321 Training/Miles/Meals

Athena presented a contract with Perters Municipal Consultants in the amount of $150 per hour not to exceed $3500 to work on the Internal Control. The Internal Control is needing to be done so we can get our budget approved. Pat Berger made motion to accept contract with Perters Municipal Consultants.  Bob Braaksma seconding her motion. Motion carried.

Athena stated that Susan Sigo is correct and presented her letter or resignation. Jim Stewart made motion to accept letter of resignation. Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.

Athena touched base on what Jonathan Cripe had said in regards to Zach Lanning going full time and presented and Amendment to the Salary Ordinance. Pat Berger made motion to accept Amendment to Ordinance. Jim Stewart seconding her motion. Motion carried.

Ordinance 2016-06-06 for Additional Appropriation for Public Hearing was presented and reviewed by council. Jim Stewart made motion to accept Ordinance 2016-06-06 Additional Appropriation. Pat Berger seconding her motion. Motion carried.

Claims were approved for payment on a motion by Jim Stewart, Charles Illingworth seconding his motion. Motion carried.


The next meeting falls on a holiday. With that said council discussed when the next meeting will be. It was decided that the July meeting will be held on Tuesday July 5th at 6:30 pm.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourne

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