Remington Town Council August 1, 20169/13/2016

Date:   August 1, 2016

Time:  6:30 p.m.

Place:  Remington Town Hall, 24 South Indiana St.


Members Present


Susan Sigo, Jim Stewart, Charles Illingworth, Pat Berger, Bob Braaksma.


Others Present


Mark Jones, Ryan Byrd, Luke Neidlinger, Mike Martin, Zach Lanning, Jonathan Cripe, Jacob Taulman, John Schuetzenhofer, Christopher Cain, Terri Budde, Kristine Cain, John Flinn, Richard Maxwell, Barbara Lawson, Jake Tapper, Chris Allen, Kevin Madison, Kevin Kelly, Jonathan Borges.


Susan Sigo opened the meeting with Pledge of Allegiance.


Minutes of the June 6, 2016 Council Meeting, July 5 Council Meeting, and July 5 Executive Meeting discussed. Jim Stewart made motion to approve minutes. Charles Illingworth second his motion. Motion carried.




Park Storm Sewer Tile quotes were opened and read as follows:

1.      Johns Brothers Tile & Excavating/Francesville, Indiana $34,575.00

2.      KDM Services $71,814.00

3.      Dwenger Excavating/Fowler, Indiana $58,785.00


The quotes as submitted are taken under advisement so the quotes may be reviewed in depth.  The bid will be awarded on Monday, August 8, 2016, at 6:30 p.m.


Park Road quotes were opened and read as follows:

1.      Bryan Musser $16,500.00 with an additional $4,100.00 for 6-gauge wire

2.      Infinity Grain Systems/Reid Beever $12,024.00 with an additional $3,800.00 for 6-gauge wire;

3.      Dennis McElfresh $23,000.00 with an additional $1,800.00 for 6-gauge wire


The quotes as submitted are taken under advisement so the quotes may be reviewed in depth.  The bid will be awarded on Monday, August 8, 2016, at 6:30 p.m.


JASPER COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Kevin Kelly reported that the Jasper County bison has been completed and is on display at the State Fair along with twenty-four (24) other bison celebrating the State's bicentennial.  After the State Fair is concluded, the Jasper County bison will be moved to different locations in Jasper County for display and are considering possibly the Tobias Center in Remington as one of the display locations.


Festival season is upon us.  In two weeks DeMotte will host the Touch of Dutch Festival.


Jasper County Economic Development continues to do economic development marketing.  Prospecting is slow, but there have been more investments taking place than in years past. 





Ryan Byrd reported the following:


1)      Working on obtaining proposals for a new chlorine system.  The current one is outdated and needs replaced.  Ryan stated that he has to keep working around it and is hoping to wait until spring 2017 for the new chlorine system.

2)      We have no telemetry (no alarms) at the plant.  Ryan has received and presents two (2) bids which were opened and read:

A.    BL Anderson - Option 1:  $21,500 or Option 2:  $9.816.00

B.     Peerless - $3,405.00

Ryan suggests we go with Peerless - it is the easiest route and the fastest.  Charles Illingworth moved to accept the Peerless bid or $3,405.00.  Motion was seconded by Jim Stewart.  Motion was unanimously passed.

3)      The screen machine is up and running again.

4)      The liner at the sewage plant purchased in 2005 has tears and is in need of repair.  Jonathan Borges from Wessler Engineering will get contractors to submit bids on the work to be performed to the sewage liner.

5)      Working on obtaining quotes for phosphorous removal.  We are supposed to be testing and we need phosphorous removal.


Mark Jones reported the following:


1)      Work is continuing on the construction site, and it has been progressing phenomenally.  The floor at the new plant has been poured and the structure will be up by the end of August.  This week the 12-inch inserta-valve will be installed, and Mark will assist with that installation.

2)      There was work performed at the splash pad today.  Adjustments were made so we're not losing as much water with the big bucket dumps.

3)      We have received the new mosquito fogger.  Mark requests that we donate the old mosquito fogger to Fountain Park.  Charles Illingworth moves to donate the old mosquito fogger to Fountain Park.  Pat Berger seconds the motion.  Motion was passed unanimously.


Luke Neidlinger reported the following:


1)      Installed two speed limit signs on Main Street

2)      Working on clearing up the bridge going to the cemetery

3)      Helped the Clerk-Treasurer's office with removal of old records to be shredded at Jasper County Courthouse.

4)      Talking with John Deere and Toro about getting quotes on a new mower.  The Town Board instructed Luke Neidlinger to get paper quote to be presented to the Board.

5)      The tractor was recently taken to Bane-Welker for work, but Bane-Welker couldn't find anything wrong.

6)      The big red truck is currently getting serviced

7)      Luke Neidlinger has started a tree list and is assisting Mark Jones with reading water meters.



Mike Martin presented the fire report to the council. A copy of this report is on file in the Clerk-Treasurer's office. Mike stated that they have had a busier than normal month between the road construction on I-65 and the Jasper County fair.  Out of the 18 calls last month, 11 were I-65 related..



John Schuetzenhofer did not present a police report to the council due to being unable to access said report via computer.  He informed the Town Board that he will submit a copy of his report as soon as he can access the same, but went on approximately one hundred seventy (170) calls last month.  A copy of this report will be on file in the Clerk-Treasurer's office.


John talked about two (2) classes the department will be attending at the end of the month - Autism Safety Training for First Responders and Current Drug Trends and Investigations.  Both of these classes are offered at no cost to the department through the police academy.


John filed documentation showing that the Town of Remington Police Department had 1,174 calls in 2015 and provided additional documentation as to other surrounding towns.   That number would increase to approximately 1,646 if the annexation had gone through in 2015. 


John presented 1 additional quote for the radar speed signs from Evolis.  He is hoping to purchase the solar sign at $2,500 per unit.  He will keep either Jonathan Cripe or Terri Budde updated if the price has changed since he received this information.





Jonathan Cripe presented the following:


1)      Jonathan Cripe has encouraged Kristie Taulman, Utilities Manager, to apply for the Purdue Leadership class.  She should find out soon if she is accepted into that class.

2)      Jonathan and Kristie Taulman will be attending an advanced utilities user meeting with Keystone next week.

3)      The survey for the trails has been completed and we need to start a design committee.  He's requesting 2 Council members - Jim Stewart and Pat Berger agree to serve for the Town Council; 2 Park Board members; 1 member from the Redevelopment Commission; and Jonathan Cripe as Town Manager to serve on the design committee.

4)      Jonathan raised the issue of our September meeting being on Labor Day.  The Town Council agreed to change the September meeting to Tuesday, September 6, 2016, at 6:30 at the Town Hall in Remington.




Attorney Jacob Taulman presented a resolution correcting a scrivener's error in Resolution 2014-11-13-4.  Charles Illingworth moved to approve/accept Resolution 2016-08-01-02 correcting a scrivener's error in Resolution 2014-11-13-4.  James Stewart seconded the motion.  Motion

passed unanimously.


Attorney Jacob Taulman stated he was finalizing issues with the easement and is working with Jonathan Cripe on this issue.  It should be resolved at the next Board meeting.




There were no citizen comments.





The Lewis Barn was discussed.  Charles Illingworth reported that the barn is not salvageable, is dangerous, and needs to be removed.  Jonathan Cripe will check regarding the Jasper County Historical Society and the barn possibly being on the endangered list and report on this issue at the September board meeting.




Pat Berger gave the quarterly report for KIRPC.


The resignation of Kristine Cain, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer was accepted by the Town Board.  Kristine Cain shall remain employed full-time by the Town of Remington with her last day of employment being August 8, 2016.  The Town Board thanks Kristine Cain for the time she served in employment with the Town of Remington.


John Flinn submitted a letter of resignation to the Town Board effective August 31, 2016.  John indicated that his first day of retirement will be September 1, 2016.  The Town Board accepted John Flinn's resignation and thanked John for his 14 years of service to the Town of Remington.




Clerk-Treasurer, Terri Budde, presented June's Financial Statement. Pat Berger made motion to approve the financial statement, with Jim Stewart seconding her motion. Motion carried.


Terri Budde presented information regarding a quote received from former Clerk-Treasurer Kay Brown to aid and assist the current Clerk-Treasurer through the 2016 budget process and year-end reporting.  Pat Berger made a motion to approve Kay Brown's proposal for 2016 to be retained as a consultant to work with the current Clerk-Treasurer on a limited basis.  Robert Braaksma seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Pre-Adoption budget hearing was set for October 3, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall in Remington, Indiana.  Final Adoption budget hearing was set for October 24, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. to be held at the Town Hall in Remington, Indiana.


Terri Budde presented Resolution 2016-08-01 Transfer of Funds. James Steewart made motion to accept Resolution 2016-08-01 Transfer of Funds. Charles Illingworth seconding his motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Claims were approved for payment on a motion by Charles Illingworth, Pat Berger seconding his motion. Motion passed unanimously.




None to discuss.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

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