Town Departments
Remington Town Departments are governed by the Remington Town Council.  The departments include Streets, Water, Wastewater, Police, Parks, Town Manager and Cemetery.  The Fire Department is governed by a Building Services Board made up of all 5 town council members, and representatives from the townships which the fire department serve.

Remington Town Council
Remington's town government is made up of five council members elected by ward.  The term of office for a member is 4 years, beginning on January 1 following the election.  Members of the town council must reside in their respective wards. Two members are elected as President and Vice-President each year.  The town departments report to the town council.  The council passes ordinances, resolutions, establishes salaries for town employees, pass an annual budget, and sets utility rates. 
Current town council members are:  Susie Sigo, President; Jim Stewart, Vice-President, Bob Braaksma, Charles Illingworth, and Pat Berger.  Town Attorney is Jacob Taulman and Patrick Ryan.  Town Clerk-Treasurer is Terri Budde
2016 Town Council Meeting Schedule
Town council meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month, unless that Monday is a holiday.  Meetings are held in the town hall, located at 24 S. Indiana Street, at 6:30 PM.  An additional meeting will be scheduled in late December to finalize claims and year end business.
Town Manager
The Town Manager for the Town of Remington is Jonathan Cripe.  His main objective is to manage and oversee the operations of the Town, coordinating the activities of the other Town employees, and act as liaison to the Town Council, and performing duties as assigned by the Town Council.
Redevelopment Commission
Members of the redevelopment commission are:  Steve Kinsell, Ron Wilken, Brad Ulyat, Betty Vaughan, Kathy O'Neall, and Rachel Cantrell (School Board appointee)
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