Waste Water
Remington Treatment Facility      
 The Remington Water Pollution Control Facility is operated by Superintendent Jeffrey Ryan Byrd.  The permittee currently operates a Class II, 0.7 MGD extended aeration treatment facility consisting of a bar screen, a mechanical fine screen, a grit channel, a Biolac basin with 2 integral clarifiers, chlorination/Dechlornation facilities, also influent and effluent flow meters. The collection system is comprised of 100% separate sanitary sewers by design with no overflows or bypass points. The collection system was recently cleaned, camera and lined to help with infiltration of water. This helps with the plant operation and cost. There was also a new chlorination tank add to allow for higher flows during wet weather. The WPCF is open from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday
(219) 261-2389 office

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