We are proud to announce after 121 years of providing residents with water, the Town of Remington is finally pumping filtered water!

The new water treatment plant is funded through the low interest loan State Revolving Fund (SRF). Wessler Engineering designed every detail of the plant and Bowen Engineering was awarded the bid. Construction of the 3.6 million dollar facility began in the Spring of 2016.

Water comes directly to the plant from the well fields. The water goes into the aeration and settling tank where it is hit with air that allows the iron to settle out of the water. After leaving the aeration/settling tank it goes straight into the filters. The plant has three 400 gallon per minute horizontal pressure sand filters. The filters will remove any iron, manganese, or organic materials from the well water. Iron is coming into the plant from the wells at 1.5 particles per million and is leaving the plant at 0 ppm. Once a week the filters are back-washed to keep them clean. Residents are already seeing greatly improved water quality as the redness everyone is used to is going away. Water Superintendent, Mark Jones, also recommends residents flush their hot water heater every six months to improve the water quality in their home even more. 

The Water Department is hosting an open house for all residents in Town who are interested in seeing how the plant works. The open house will be held on May 25th from 1-3pm EST. 



The Remington Water Works was established in 1897 with a brick water tower being built and cast iron mains buried at a cost of $11,000.  The original wells were deep in limestone and water quality was poor.  The town currently operates six wells with the oldest drilled in 1952, and the newest in 2003.  All of the wells are drilled in glacial deposits of sand and gravel between fifty and eighty feet deep.
The Remington Water Works serves 643 customers and pumps on average 302,000 gallons of water daily.  Two 250,000 gallon water towers provide storage and fire   protection for the surrounding area.
The cost for the deposit for a home owner for a residential water meter is $100.  The deposit cost is $120 for a business.  The deposit is refunded if a resident pays their water bill on time for 24 consecutive months. 
Mark Jones
Water Superintendent

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